Villarrica, Araucanía, Chile


As a true hacker, I research everything what take my attention to know how it works and how it can be used curiously.

I’ve been working in software development industry for more than 20 years. I worked in diverse projects related to many things like telecom services, mobile software, UEFI drivers, smart cards, virtualization, etc.

I’m fluent in designing software solutions and writing in several major programming languages. My offsec skills and talent to reverse engineering let me understand how any given software or hardware works even without documentation. It allows me to learn quickly from others.



Sr. Data Scientist
Vacasa (remote)  2018-2020

As a full-stack data scientist, I did many things from managing infrastructure and developing services to scraping/wrangling/ETL data and creating/training prediction models.

Go Developer
ETCDEV Team  (remote)  2017-2018

I was developing/supporting go-ethereum client for ETC blockchain.

Offsite Consultant / Researcher
Kaspersky Lab  (remote)  2012-2017

I researched and prototyped functionality starting operating system from a fully encrypted GPT disk; ported OpenSC to UEFI and added support for range smartcards and tokens; implemented some UEFI network card drivers; created abstraction layer allowing to use some native windows DLLs in UEFI environment. Also, I developed from scratch the debugging tool allowing UEFI source debugging right from the Visual Studio 15 or WinDbg.

Independent Software Developer
Self-employed   2006-2012

I was developing and selling my own lightweight application virtualization software MoleBox Virtualization Solution. The software creates private virtual environment for a software application, isolating the application from the underlaying operating system and other software installed and running on the host device. It is achieved by placing the application and all of its elements into managed packages which form virtual file system and virtual registry in runtime.
Molebox is available now on my GitHub under GPL license.

Software Developer and Team Leader
Rest of Experience   1996-2006

I participated in projects as software developer mostly in C++ and a little in Java.


Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics
Nizhny Novgorod State University (NNSU), Russia, 1994–2000

Personal Coursework
Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Udacity