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I’m a true hacker. I research in deep stuff that attracts my attention to learn how it works and how it can be used curiously. It doesn’t matter if it’s about things, computer software or even people.


About Me

I’m interested to apply my skills to make projects related to machine-human symbiosis and machine-machine interaction. I mean mostly the technologies related to the connected smart things (IoT) + fog/edge computing, applied AI, and blockchain.

Skills and Experience

My updated professional resume

I’ve been working in software development industry for more than 20 years. I worked in diverse projects related to many things like telecom services, gamedev, mobile software, embedded systems, UEFI drivers, smart cards, virtualization, etc.

I’m fluent in designing software solutions and writing in several major programming languages (Go, Python, C, C++, Scala, Rust). Additionally I can prototype my own hardware from scratch. My offsec skills and talent to reverse engineering let me understand how any given software or hardware work even without documentation. It allows me to learn quickly from others.

My Own Projects

To research something interesting to me I often do a tiny pet project. Sometimes it becomes not so tiny ;). I have a lot of pet projects, and not all of them are presented in my github. By the way you can simply look in my GitHub profile to find more.


Go-ML is a Machine learning and data wrangling package for Golang. Batteries Included. Tables, data transformations, mxnet powered NNs, xgboost …, etc


Go-IOkit implements unified access to local and remote (HTTP/HTTPS,S3,GS) files. It also can work with zip/gzip/bzip2/lzma2 compressed files.


Go-Dl is a Dynamic Libraries Loader package for Golang. Can download if here is no required library. Easy function binding trick is a bonus.


JupyterLab is my jupyter environment with GPU acceleration and Python, Julia, Rust kernels.


uCcm is an uC Cortex-M zero-config building tool and modules manager. It does not require additional configuration files. All required information needed to build firmware is available in the source code.


Molebox creates application-specific and secure virtual environment for your software applications, isolating them from the underlaying operating system and other software installed and running on the host device.

Applied AI Group

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a LinkedIn group related to applications of the artifitial intelligence. It has more than 20K members.